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Does Medicaid cover dentures? This federally-funded program might cover dentures and dental depending on the state you live in, although it's highly unlikely.

Mar 8, 2022 · The cost of partial dentures can range from $1. Does Medicaid cover dentures? Medicaid coverage of dentures also depends on your needs, as determined by your dentist.

Medicaid services also include dental work such as the provision and installation of braces, teeth checkups and cleanings, installing dentures, fillings, extractions and crowns, root canals and surgical dental services.


Some services may be subject to co-payments, these co-payments can be as little as 50 cents ($0. Through these services, we want to help you improve, and then maintain, your oral health. For instance, Ohio covers dentures based on medical necessity.

Ohio Caresource Medicaid does cover lap band surgery.

In New York, dentures, oral surgery and periodontal services are covered for adults under New York Medicaid. Learn more about which state Medicaid programs cover dentures and find out how to confirm your state's Medicaid benefits. Kaiser Family Foundation Headquarters: 185 Berry St.

. CareSource ® covers dental services for our Ohio Medicaid members.


Complement of Dental Services Covered by Medicaid.

No, in most states, Medicaid will not cover the cost of denture replacement for at least 5 years, and in some cases much longer. gov.

That means with the COVID-19 PHE ending on May 11, 2023, this mandatory coverage will end on September 30, 2024, after which coverage may vary by state. Medicare: Dental is not covered by Medicare.

– 25 states covered dentures; – 25 states covered oral surgery; – 2 states covered orthodontia; and – 9 states placed an annual dollar limit on covered dental services.
²Patients must arrive at least two hours prior to office closing to be eligible for a same-day repair.



Being smart with taxpayer dollars is one of Ohio Medicaid's greatest responsibilities. The program focuses on prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions. Feb 14, 2023 · Medicaid in Montana covers dentures, and dentures do not count toward the per-recipient dental treatment services cap of $1,125.

Medicaid benefits can vary, but there are some benefits that every Medicaid plan offers, like: Hospital stays. . To better serve you, the CGS J15 PCC will close for training and staff development as indicated below: Date. practices will continue to be accepted and processed if the claims contain a valid Medicaid legacy number or both a valid NPI and valid Ohio Medicaid legacy number in the. So the question of whether or not. Even if your state does provide coverage for dentures, you might be disappointed with the results.

Maintenance of dental health.

May 23, 2008 will not require the Ohio Medicaid legacy number if ODJFS has a record of your NPI number and has linked the NPI to your Ohio Medicaid legacy number. .

<strong>Medicaid was created to provide insurance to low-income individuals.

Fortunately, Medicaid will cover the whole cost of partial dentures in some circumstances.

Learn more about which state Medicaid programs cover dentures and find out how to confirm your state's Medicaid benefits.


You would need to call CareSource directly to see the specifics of what they cover.